About Us

Your expert partners in Australian Migration and Education.

Dharampreet, L.L.B (Delhi), MBA (UK), Licensed Immigration Specialist. (MARN 1576492)At AURUM, our goal is to simplify your visa and education application process to enable you to have a smooth transition into Australia. Australian education and immigration laws are intricate and continually changing. We offer thorough understanding and expertise on the continuously evolving laws and procedures. Regardless of where you are in the world, we can assist you and your dependents with your Australian migration pathways. 


Our Team


Lawyer with more than twenty years of hands-on experience working locally and internationally on Governance and Law. She specializes in immigration law with a passion for marginalized and vulnerable groups. She is also multilingual and has managed large projects in multi-disciplinary environments working with various organizations including the United Nations Development Programme, United States Agency for International Development and European Social Fund. Other than her technical competence, a notable trait is her empathetic approach to clients.

Education Consultants

Our team comprises of qualified and certified Australian Education counselors who have lived and worked across different continents and professions. Our educational consultants – Racheal Mubeezi (Agent number: N963), Elizabeth Lang and Brntha Mohan have varied academic and lived knowledge and experiences from different countries in Asia and Africa. We aim to use our technical and lived knowledge to help you further your educational needs.

Why choose us: 

  • Relatable: Beyond our professionalism, we are a relatable team and purpose to understand the client’s needs and circumstances. 

  • Timely response: We have a 24-hour policy on response to client inquiries as we understand that some cases are time sensitive.

  • Integrity: Value client privacy and dignity with no hidden costs

  • Committed and passionate: We are a people centric team who more than anything else love to see our clients satisfied.

Whether it is migration or education, AURUM will provide and guide you with your best option. We tailor our services to the client’s needs and circumstances. Our office is situated in the heart of Brisbane; Suite 3K, Level 3, 144 Adelaide Street. 

We welcome you to drop by for a conversation on how we can best serve you or contact us on info@aurum-migration.com.au.